Sunday, February 16, 2014

Trained Nurses join our team - you're in good hands!

At Spa Utopia it’s always been our commitment to provide spa guests with a safe, healthy spa experience. People visit the spa for many reasons and our extensive service directory reflects the varied needs and desires of our guests;  relaxation, maintenance, prevention, repair, stress relief, self improvement, inner peace … health and wellness.

We often ask ourselves; “what more can we do … what can we do better, how can we improve the guest experience, what new treatments can we offer, what do our guests want and how can we meet their needs and expectations?”

Our team of qualified, trained professionals are the beating heart of the spa. Hours and hours of training goes into each and every treatment offered at Spa Utopia.

Training, training, training – it’s the backbone of our business.

In keeping with our commitment, we are pleased to announce that trained Nurses are now an essential part of the Spa Utopia team. Our Nurses, with advanced training in Medical Esthetics, are qualified for Laser Hair Removal, Body Contouring treatments, Skin Tightening, Photo Rejuvenation, Foot Fungus treatments and more.

We’re thrilled to welcome and introduce Elizabeth Elias and Rhonda Booth. Both Rhonda and Elizabeth are trained Nurses and bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Health and Wellness industry. 


Medical Esthetic nursing is the new era, it’s a growing field for Nurses and it’s exciting to be a part of it. Spa Utopia has consistently been on the cutting edge of spa development and I’m so thrilled to be a part of this newest spa evolution. You might ask yourself what a Nurse may offer? A larger knowledge base, a better understanding of the bio social spiritual being that makes up an individual, which translates that you are in good caring hands that want for your complete well-being.

I’m not going to lie; this is all brand new to me - the spa world. I’m completely out of my usual element and so the training is completely absorbing me. I’m used to working in hospitals and clinics. But can I say that I miss the 24 hour lights, call bells and codes of a hospital? Do I miss the viruses and bustle of a clinic? When compared the serene, calming, soothing, gentle environment of the spa, it’s an easy answer for me. 


Prior to joining the Spa Utopia family as a Medical Spa Therapist , I worked as an Obstetrical RN in the hospital for 18 years and as a Recovery Room Nurse in a Cosmetic Surgery Clinic.

I am so excited to enter this new chapter of my career, performing Medical Esthetics!

Although Medical Esthestics is a new area for nursing and can be quite different from working in a hospital or clinic setting, there is one thing that is the same no matter what: everyone is taken care of!

I am enthusiastic and committed to bringing positive experience and results to others. I love seeing the smiling faces of the guests when they leave, feeling confident and radiant!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

WIN a night at the Pan Pacific Hotel

This December, book your spa appointments online and you'll automatically be entered to WIN a stay at the beautiful Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver.

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Luxuriate in the warmth of the renowned Pan  Pacific hospitality!

Winner will be randomly selected and notified before January 10, 2014.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The world according to James - Sustainable Beauty

In a world where if salt and sugar were discovered today they would be made illegal according to the Canadian FDA health standards. This got me thinking that everything I ingest, rub, brush or apply to my skin must be, in some way harmful to myself, others or the environment.  It’s frightening to think that meat washed in an ammonia substance can be called a process and not an ingredient.

As a hairstylist for over 15 years and Education Director for Spa Utopia Health & Wellness Center, it is my responsibility to know and understand the ingredients of the chemicals we use to color hair. With so many options out there, where does one begin? First step...understand our own personal morals, ethics and beliefs, then search for a company with the same.

We, at Spa Utopia, have discovered DAVINES, an Italian based, family owned company whose core value is SUSTAINABLE BEAUTY. Davines is a Zero impact company through and through. Each year they the plant trees in Brazil to erase their carbon footprint. They also encourage and support their partnering salons to be aware of their own environmental impact.


Now...the big ? Drugstore Hair Color vs In-Salon Color 

(SUBTLE HINT TO EVERYONE READING THIS) - "just because it says professional on the box does not make it so."

It is hard to argue the price point of drugstore hair color products versus professional hair color. It’s not hard to argue the inferior and potentially dangerous ingredients that could be hiding in the cheaper price point. Major corporations understand that to color hair you must first understand the composition of hair, color theory and simple chemistry. They also know that the average consumer does not! So how can they make it possible for consumers, educated or not, to use drugstore color? Simplify, simplify, simplify. Increase the amount of active ingredients such as PPD’s and Ammonias.

Davines - Natural Dark Brown:   Ammonia: 1.8%
Drugstore - Natural Dark Brown Ammonia: 18% and up

This is how they simplify:
When I was researching a semi-permanent color which was suppose to wash out in 15 washes and be ammonia free, I was shocked to find out that the ammonia levels in this particular brand was over 21% , making this temporary color a permanent! When I called the help line for an explaination there was no comment on the ingredients used.

Scary stuff - right! 

The reason that professional products cost more is due to the quality of the ingredients that go into them. We pay for the morals and ethics of these companies that don’t test on animals and do not substitute ingredients with potentially carcinogenic additives.

If the drugstore products really did what they say they did, I would be asking myself why every salon doesn’t carry and use them. 

We have one life, one body, and one world. Sustainable Beauty is our only option.

James Abu-Ulba
Education Director
Spa Utopia Health & Wellness Center